May 12, 2016

denim skirt

Finally, weather in Lithuania is wonderful and I can put all my coats and big scarves back to my closet. So for this outfit I chose my favorite piece for spring - denim skirt. When I combined my clothes and accessories to outfit I realized that it turn out like a vintage style. A cat eyes sunglasses, strict rectangular form handbag and turtleneck, all these pieces together made it look like that! But I'm pretty happy how it looks, because it's like new experience for me hahaa. what do you think about it? 

Mar 11, 2016

matte nails

Lately I was obsessed with nude matte nails. So I thought why not to share how I did my matte nails very easily.  Everything you need for that matte effect is steam. For this time I use nail polish and top cot. Your last nail polish layer have to be placed over the steam. Boil water in a pot, paint your nails as you normally would and don't let them dry, once you have some steam, place your hand over it for 10-15 seconds. Make sure it reaches all parts of the nails. Be careful, don't forget to off cooker first and just then place your hand over the steam. I really hope that this post was helpful! Let me know in the comments what do you think of this method?

Mar 1, 2016

What's in my purse?

Spring is finally here! So excited about that fact that bright and warm weather is coming. So I decided to show you, what I keep in my purse during spring. As you can see I'm not have much things. I try to have just important things. Which are my phone, nivea lip butter and invisibobble. Then I like to have a lipstick or a lip liner. A small perfume bottle and some accessories are really important to. Without earphones my phone wouldn't work, haha. So these are my most important things, which I always have with myself. What things is most important for you to have in daily basis?